RideFlag Shared Mobility Occupancy Validation is in our Lane

Easy to use


RideFlag can reduce the number of users who violate HOV/Express lane and parking policy requirements. Our occupancy validation system does not require additional hardware and can be used with existing infrastructure to develop policies and programs that address local transportation challenges.


RideFlag is tuned for accuracy and able to support many shared mobility solutions interested in validating vehicle occupancy. Organizations can benefit from our validation system to reinforce regulation requirements and customize rewards for users who follow their policy rules. Highway and Parking operators can integrate our solution to augment their services.

Occupancy Validation

Reduce 3 vehicles to 1 carpool


  • Reduce congestion
  • Count Vehicle occupancy
  • Increase Passenger miles traveled
  • Improve public adoption/ perception
  • Mitigate SOV
  • Changing behavior (incentives)
  • Improve parking governance

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