It’s not the destination that matters it’s the journey.

RideFlag is all about travelling smarter.

By creating sustainable solutions that help reduce our carbon footprint,

together we can make the world a little greener.


Reducing traffic congestion

Lower CO2 carbon emissions

Support charitable and environmental causes


Learn about the measures RideFlag has put in place to ensure the safety of both riders and drivers.

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Leadership Team

Mike Papineau

Mike Papineau


Mike is a successful entrepreneur and investor that has launched several of his own brands which have since become leaders in their respective categories around the world. Mike passionately believes that we all need to do more to reduce our carbon footprint to help make our world cleaner and healthier for future generations to enjoy.

Mark Feltham

Mark Feltham


As a business technology consultant, Mark has been creating solutions to business process problems and delivering intelligence platforms that drive innovation for over 20 years. Combining consumer domain knowledge with the disciplines of computer programming and statistics, Mark has pioneered many frontiers in data driven business solutions.

Joshua Balsillie

Joshua Balsillie

User Interface Manager

Josh's career focus is to provide user focused perspectives in the tech industry. Prioritizing performance and efficiency, Josh is always looking for ways to improve designs and processes.

John Sotomayor

John Sotomayor

Patent Attorney

John is a key member of the RideFlag Intellectual Property team and manages all of RideFlag’s extensive U.S. and International patent portfolio including commuter, carpooling and validation solutions.

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We are looking for people around the world that can help us meet our goals of making Carpool on Demand accessible to everybody, so that together, we all help people save money and reduce carbon emissions to make our world a better place!

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