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Intermittent Positions

The following positions are those that are often short term positions that do not repeat at regular intervals.

If you are interested in internship or co-ops and prefer unpaid as required by your post secondary institution, please inform us. The position may require validation by your post secondary institution in order to be eligible for your program. If your internship or co-op has requirements such as hours worked, or specific job skills that must be performed, let us know so we can evaluate if the position is right for you.

User Interface Tester


4308 Village Centre Ct, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1S2

Job type

Part-time, open to: contract, internship, co-op


As an UI Tester you may be required to write test cases, perform test cases and report findings with screenshots or video recordings. You must work well in a team and have good communication skills. This role requires constant collaboration with other team members and the use of precise language, for efficient and accurate testing.