HOV and Express Lanes

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RideFlag Occupancy Validation is in our Lane

Highway operators that reward HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) participation, can take advantage of the RideFlag platform to improve the efficiency of their service and foster adoption across a greater populous.

  • Save money through low cost validation with existing infrastructure
  • Expand user base by incentivizing HOV behaviour
  • Reduce harmful carbon emissions by reducing traffic on the road

Occupancy Count Validation

In addition to occupancy count validation, we offer ways to incentivise your user base to adhere to your program rules and identify those that violate.

Custom Rewards

Using a variety of rewards parameters like distance traveled and number of occupants, you can offer unique incentives for shared mobility to users in real time.

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* RideFlag’s mobile phone proximity and vehicle/mobile phone biometric validation are USPTO and International PCT Patent Protected.