Our mission at RideFlag is to help reduce congestion and carbon emissions by promoting Carpool on Demand with innovative technology. The average automobile user adds almost 5 tons of Co2/year in the air. By carpooling alone, we can help reduce those Co2 emissions by 50% or more. Another byproduct of carpooling is that it also can considerably reduce congestion on our roads which helps reduce commute time which helps improve productivity. According to INRIX, commuters in the 10 highest congested cities spend about 42 hours a year sitting in traffic. Moreover, commuters in the U.S. burn 2.9 billion gallons of gas sitting in traffic, wasting more than $121 billion in time and fuel because of gridlock, which amounts to an average $800 per household.

RideFlag donates a portion of its revenues to environmental causes and charities which can both reduce congestion and help the environment. RideFlag also offers its technology for FREE to users that want to carpool when no user payments are required. We encourage charities and organizations to contact us if they are interested in being sponsored or supported or would like to use RideFlag to help them with their Carpooling on Demand needs.

Carpooling is the most economical way of reducing congestion and helps lower commuter costs. Hundreds of programs, including HOV lanes, are used to promote carpooling. RideFlag technology takes the difficulty out of the carpool reservations by allowing users to find both Drivers and Riders “on demand” or in “real time”. Organizations also promote carpooling as a way to help lower employee costs, improve productivity and help improve social interaction. RideFlag technology allows organizations to easily set-up “Closed Groups” within its system to help organize carpools to, and from, work. Thousands of other types of organizations can also use RideFlag to help facilitate their travel needs with our intelligent Carpool on Demand technology.

RideFlag launched in Miami and Fort Lauderdale 2016 and will expand the service to ten North American cities including; Toronto, Vancouver, Washington DC, New York NY, Charlotte NC, and Los Angeles, RideFlag has plans to launch in several continents around the world including Europe, Asia and Australia. The RideFlag App will also soon be available in 8 languages.

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