Accurate HOV Validation

What We Do?

RideFlag accurately validates High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV) by putting Vehicle Occupancy Detection (VOD) camera technology into a smartphone app.

With only one smartphone, the camera verifies a group of passengers at once and uses our proprietary technology to determine how many faces are in a car and if they are real and different.

By offering our tool to agencies across America and around the world, we curb traffic congestion, reduce CO2 GHGs (Greenhouse Gas Emissions), and help carpoolers save money and time by giving them validated access to HOV Express and Open Road Toll Lanes.

Agencies can easily integrate and configure the tool to meet their HOV policies.

If your agency needs to accurately validate HOVs, our tool will provide it.

Our tool acts as an alternative for law enforcement, roadside VOD cameras and honour-based systems, such as a transponder switch.

Important by-products of eliminating the need for highway enforcement include the safety of officers, financial savings, and traffic slowdowns (particularly during peak hours) due to roadside citation issuance.

App users can trust our extensive privacy policies. Our tool does not store any images, as we only need to verify the number of occupants in a car.