Accurate HOV Verification

What We Do?

RideFlag takes Vehicle Occupancy Detection (VOD) camera technology and puts it into a smartphone app to accurately verify High Occupancy Vehicles (HOVs). 

Accurately Verifies HOVs

Reduces HOV misdeclaration rates by accurately counting vehicle occupants. 

Easy to Use

HOV verification requires one smartphone, only involves one step, and takes about 5 seconds.

Easy Configuration and Integration

Configurable tool that can easily integrate with existing roadside and back-office systems. 

Key Performance Metrics

Agencies can have access to key HOV metrics, such as occupancy counts and Passenger Miles Traveled (PMT).

Why We Do It?

We strive to offer a sustainable tool that encourages environmentally friendly commuting practices, such as carpooling. Our goal is to reduce CO2 GHGs, which starts with curbing traffic congestion and mitigating misdeclaration on high occupancy toll (HOT) lanes. RideFlag’s tool can also quantify the impact of our technology on reducing CO2 GHGs and provide other key metrics such as Passenger Miles Travelled (PMT).

Our Benefits

Promoting sustainable practices has been our mission from the start, and that is why our tool benefits agencies, carpoolers, and the environment.

Our Solutions

Our tool uses several proprietary technologies to accurately count the number of real faces in a car.

Our Projects

RideFlag is used by transportation and government agencies across America and around the world.

About Us

Behind every innovative solution is a dedicated and creative team.