HOV Accelerator


RideFlag offers occupancy validation technology that allows organizations to incentivise proper use of HOV and HOT lanes, manage parking spaces, and reduce program complexity.


Tolling and Parking Efficiency

Increase roadway and parking efficiency 

Demand Efficiency

Offer demand based price adjustments

Personalized Incentives

Congestion Pricing

Tolling Efficiency

With our real time occupancy validation technology, organizations can provide congestion discounts based on the number of occupants within a vehicle.


Parking Efficiency

RideFlag offers occupancy validation technology that helps parking operators manage reserved parking spots, by validating vehicles occupying those spots.


Occupancy Validation and Verification

RideFlag’s software applications enable organizations to:

  • Identify those who comply or violate the terms of their transit and parking programs
  • Manage traffic and parking spaces
  • Reward users who respect regulations

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