Michel Papineau

Mike Papineau


Mike is a successful entrepreneur and investor who has launched several of his own brands, which have since become leaders in their respective categories worldwide. Mike has also taught and mentored students in entrepreneurship, brand management and often guest lectures on various topics related to innovation, marketing and strategic planning.

Educated in business at Concordia University, Mike began his career at PepsiCo in brand management and was responsible for marketing. After working for eight successful years managing Pepsi and Diet Pepsi’s brands, Mike used his brand management and strategic planning experience to create dozens of his own brands, including Just Juice, Simply Juice, The Great Juice Company, and X Energy.

Mike passionately believes that we all need to do more to reduce our carbon footprint to help make our world cleaner and healthier for future generations to enjoy. RideFlag Technologies specializes in offering Digital Occupancy Validation solutions for key transportation stakeholders. RideFlag uses proprietary patent-protected biometric mobile smartphone technology to validate and incentivize legitimate HOV passenger occupancy. By offering this technology, we directly reduce traffic congestion and CO₂ GHG’s which is core to our values and critical to our mission

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