Shared Mobility


Through RideFlag’s shared mobility service, organizations can validate vehicle occupancy and offer custom rewards as a way to incentivise shared mobility. Our new occupancy validation technology can be integrated into supported pooling and transit options. Our focus is to provide organizations with accurate occupancy validation, to curb traffic congestion challenges, and address parking capacity limitations.

RideFlag provides accurate Occupancy Count Verification technology to deliver HOV incentives that directly encourage shared and sustainable mobility. Our digital platform is designed to integrate with toll operator, parking and other transportation systems to achieve their HOV policies and seamlessly deliver incentives to validated participants.

Occupancy Validation Analytics

Leadership Team

Joshua Balsillie

Joshua Balsillie

User Interface

John Sotomayor

John Sotomayor

Patent Attorney

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We are looking for people around the world that can help us meet our goals of reducing single occupancy vehicle use, so that together, we all help people save money and reduce carbon emissions to make our world a better place!