How It Works

We developed an HOV occupancy detection smartphone app that leverages the concept of VOD camera technology to accurately count and verify vehicle occupants. 

With just one smartphone, carpoolers can declare and verify their occupancy in about 5 seconds or less.

Proprietary Technology

Realness Verification

Mitigates any attempts to manipulate the verification process with pictures, mannequins, or videos. 

Facial Image Differentiation

Accurately differentiates occupants by measuring their facial geometry.


Measures space deltas between occupant faces to optimize verification performance. 

Group Verification

Detects and verifies carpool occupants in approximately 5 seconds. Verification can be completed with a face mask, sunglasses, in all lighting conditions, and with children.  

Group Occupancy Verification

Agency Integration

Our VOD smartphone technology can be integrated with agency back-office systems through an API call or can directly connect with transponder readers. The app can also fully integrate with advanced agency customer relationship management tools. 


Transparent Data Policies

Users know exactly what data is collected and stored

Agency Owned Data

Agencies decide what type of data to collect and store

We only count real faces

Our technology counts the number of occupants within a vehicle and determines whether they are real.

We cannot determine occupant identity. 

No continuous location tracking

Our technology does not continuously track a user’s location. We only look at their route on the highway.

We collect this location data in order to grant the correct HOV benefits to carpoolers.

Store as little data as a transponder switch

  • Entry and exit points on the highway
  • Date and time of carpool
  • Account information