How It Works

Our tool uses several proprietary technologies to accurately count the number of faces in a car and determine whether they are real and different.

Accurate HOV validation with one smartphone is more effective than other declaration and enforcement tools.

Proprietary Technology

Realness Verification

Mitigates any attempts to manipulate the camera (e.g., capture a picture of a picture or video).

Facial Image Differentiation

Accurately differentiates occupants by comparing facial features.


Measures space deltas between faces as an additional way to improve validation performance.

Group Verification

Detects and validates carpool occupants with one image. Verifications can occur in dark environments, with face masks, and backseat passengers, including children.
San Francisco Bay Area I-680 HOV Night Validation

Agency Integration

RideFlag integrates its VOD smartphone technology with agency back-office systems via an API call or can connect directly with transponder readers with a Bluetooth Low Energy transponder tag. The app also fully integrates with advanced agency customer relationship management tools.


RideFlag has numerous patents to protect its technology that assures agencies that we have the full Freedom to Operate.