Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Values

Our mission at RideFlag is to provide exceptional and intuitive technology that meets the diverse needs of all our users, rather than the simple majority. We are accomplishing our mission by being reflexive in our efforts and empathetic in our approach when working with real users to ensure their voices and experiences are considered when refining the technology. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are more than just values, they are the backbone of our company. As such, using real experiences to inform our decisions is not only key, but foundational in ensuring the app’s global success.

Offering a tool everyone can use

All skin tones

All ages (including infants)

Masks, sunglasses, any time of day

Our Approach

Human Centered Design

Our users are always a part of our design process

User Friendly Interface

We ensure all user groups can use our app effortlessly

Extensive Usability Testing

We continually test our app with diverse user groups

Only one smartphone required

Carpoolers only need one smartphone per vehicle to complete verification and receive HOV benefits.

Our occupancy verification technology seamlessly works on older smartphone models to ensure an equitable experience for all users.

Increased access to HOV benefits

Carpoolers can access HOV benefits with their smartphone device, removing the need for a switchable transponder.

By increasing access to HOV benefits, drivers will be incentivized to carpool.

Fairness on Express Lanes

Honor-based tools, such as the switchable transponder, enable users to misdeclare their occupancy status, granting them unfair access to Express Lanes.

High rates of misdeclaration result in increased tolls for honest users. The opt-in nature of our smartphone app ensures that legitimate HOVs receive benefits, while SOVs pay the toll price.