One Smartphone Required

Carpoolers only need one smartphone per vehicle to verify HOV status. No agency equipment is required.

Safety and Privacy

We protect the safety and privacy of all app users by offering hands-free features.

RideFlag’s highly accurate, cost effective, scalable solution drives significant benefits.


By promoting sustainable practices to curb traffic congestion, we reduce CO2 GHGs and create a healthier and cleaner planet.

One of the most significant contributors to CO2 GHGs is the number of cars on the road.

Fewer cars reduce congestion, which improves air quality.


By providing accurate HOV vehicle status, which helps reduce misdeclaration and improves lane performance.
Up to 50% of the time, HOV benefits are distributed to riders who misdeclare their vehicle occupancy.
Misdeclared occupancy results in higher toll charges and degraded lane performance.


By offering an easy-to-use smartphone app with advanced safety and privacy measures.

Opt-in, accurate, easy-to-use solution decreases misdeclaration.

Verification uses one smartphone, one step and takes about five seconds.