One Smartphone Required

Carpoolers only need one smartphone to verify their HOV status. No agency equipment is required. 


We protect the safety of users by restricting in-app functions while the vehicle is in motion. 

RideFlag’s highly accurate, cost effective, scalable solution has significant benefits.

For the Environment

Our tool helps reduce CO2 GHG emissions by promoting sustainable practices, such as carpooling. Reducing the amount of single occupancy vehicles will reduce congestion, thereby improving air quality in communities and cities. 

For the Agency

It is estimated that up to 50% of vehicles in HOV lanes at any time are misdeclaring occupancy status. High rates of misdeclaration result in higher congestion and decreased lane performance. Our tool will ultimately reduce misdeclaration rates and lead to a better experience for both agencies and users. 

For the Carpooler

Carpoolers can easily validate their occupancy using one smartphone device, in one step, in about five seconds. Advanced safety and privacy measures are guaranteed to ensure carpoolers feel comfortable and secure while using the tool.